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Storm Water Management
& Erosion Control

Sumter County

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A travel center facility in Wildwood, Florida had been cited in consecutive years for a failure to maintain and provide proper storm water drainage and erosion control of over 50 acres of the property. Drains were not functional and spillways were overgrown and not able to be located (Picture 1 & Picture 2). Storm water ponds were filled with trash, silt and vegetation (Picture 3). Vegetation had grown to a height of over 15 to 20 feet, and water was running into the adjoining highway rather than into permitted retention areas and wetlands (Picture 4).


TERRA-COM utilized an engineering/heavy equipment field team to determine the proper flow pattern and functionality of the drainage system and wetland design. The overgrown vegetation was cleared and damaged fencing was removed (Picture 5). A back spillway covered with over 2 feet of sediment and debris was located, repaired, and restored to functional use (Picture 6). Drainage contours were uncovered and properly dredged (Picture 7). Filtration systems were located and cleaned. All drains, culverts, outfalls and weirs were cleaned and returned to proper functioning order (Picture 8).

As a result of these efforts, the site achieved compliance with the FDEP storm water system requirements as defined in Chapter 40C-42, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). The property was re-certified and the storm water system was deemed functional based on a "Statement of Inspection" from the Water Management District.