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Pilot Testing &
Short-Term Events

TERRA-COM engineers often determine that a pilot test is needed to test the effectiveness of a particular remedial technology and to develop site-specific engineering parameters for remedial design. In these cases they usually deploy one of TERRA-COM's portable treatment systems for use in conducting the test. The results are then utilized in determining the most sure remedial options available with careful consideration given to physical property constraints and the current and future business plans of the client.

When contamination at a site is limited in extent and magnitude a permanently installed remediation system may not be justified. In many of these cases one of TERRA-COM's portable treatment systems can effectively be utilized with above ground piping for short-term periods of treatment of days or weeks and then removed from the site. This process can be repeated several times, if necessary, and still be more cost-effective than installing a permanent treatment system. These short-term remedial events can also be utilized following source removal to accelerate the rate of degradation of the residual groundwater plume.