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Remediation System Design,
Construction, & O&M

The first step in identifying potential remedial options for a site is a detailed review of the assessment data generated by the geologists. The engineers evaluate these data to determine if pilot testing is needed to test the effectiveness of a particular technology and to provide additional site-specific engineering parameters for remedial design. In most cases, pilot testing is crucial in determining if a particular remedial technology can be utilized effectively at a particular site. These results are then utilized in determining the most sure remedial options available with careful consideration given to physical property constraints and the current and future business plans of the client. Remedial options currently available include source removal, vacuum extraction, air sparging, multi-phase extraction, bio-remediation and bio-augmentation, and chemical injection. Once the remedial option is selected for a site the engineering staff develops the detailed remedial design specifications and prepare the remedial action plan.

When a remedial system is required, TERRA-COM's construction team will be on site performing all phases of installation and construction of the remedial system. This process is very intrusive and disruptive to the day-to-day operation of a business. TERRA-COM's engineers and construction team leader work closely with the site owner and business operator prior to initiation of construction activities to develop a construction plan that minimizes the adverse impact on the business operation. The TERRA-COM construction team then applies its experience and dedication in implementing the construction plan and protecting a client's business operation. It makes a positive difference when the construction crew consists of TERRA-COM employees instead of subcontractors.

TERRA-COM engineers manage the operation and maintenance of every remedial system throughout its life. This includes first hand evaluation and sampling of the treatment system during monthly site inspections and maintenance as part of TERRA-COM's field team. The engineers regularly evaluate the efficiency of the remedial system making system adjustments and modifications as needed to maintain optimum system efficiency and effectiveness in achieving cleanup target levels.