Who We Are : How We're Different

In November of 1999, two enterprising individuals founded TERRA-COM Environmental Consulting, Inc. in Gainesville, Florida. That creation was not to become your typical environmental consulting firm. President Greg Self and Chief Financial Officer Dana Ward became the legs of a very stable foundation. The founders, each with years of experience in the industry, complement each other in different ways and work flawlessly as a team.

As a professional geologist and principal scientist, Greg Self has extensive experience in all aspects of petroleum and environmental geology including research, hydrogeology, complex stratigraphy, assessment and remediation. He served as a member of the Technical Advisory Committee to the FDEP Bureau of Petroleum Storage Systems for the duration of its existence. Having worked in every aspect of the field from oil exploration and development to emergency response supervision, he does not hesitate to don a hard hat. Greg likes to say that TERRA-COM is a "boots on the ground" consulting firm that is not afraid to get down in the dirt.

Previously working in finance and accounting for two other environmental consulting firms, Dana Ward's experience in the industry keeps the company stable as the financial brain. She has been involved in the management of purchasing, budgeting, job costing, resource utilization forecasting. In the beginning, Dana even had to be OSHA-certified because the company was so small. There were days where Dana wore a hard hat and steel-toed boots in the morning and then invoiced in the afternoon. Dana says that one of the most rewarding things about TERRA-COM is seeing how far the company has come in such a short amount of time.

TERRA-COM was formed to specialize in petroleum remediation in the state of Florida by meeting the diverse needs of the petroleum industry. However, due to the firm's capabilities and proven record as a top remediation contractor in the state, TERRA-COM expanded its areas of expertise to offer a greater array of professional consulting services. Much of our success is attributable to the high level of customer service that is the core of the company's philosophy and is a value practiced by every employee. Since its inception, TERRA-COM has grown from the original three founders to a staff of more than 30 with a second office in Jacksonville, which opened in 2001, and a third office, which opened in Marianna in 2008.

The corporate name is reflective of the company's philosophy. "TERRA" is the Latin term for "earth" and "COM" focuses on both "commitment" and "common sense." The founders believe in a common sense, results oriented approach to meeting the needs of clients while restoring the natural environment. When you have a company whose management team as well as each of its employees is focused on meeting their client's needs, you will have a better product at the end.