Who We Are : Our Team

TERRA-COM's staff is comprised of well-established experts in virtually every aspect of the assessment and remediation field, including groundwater investigations, site assessment, remediation system design, construction, and operation and maintenance, source removal, UST closure assessment and compliance, and emergency spill response. In addition, the company's staff has proven capabilities in storm water management & erosion control and nearly every type of earthwork. This broad expertise, combined with responsiveness to diverse client needs, allowed TERRA-COM to quickly become one of the top remediation contractors in the State of Florida's petroleum cleanup program. It is because of its employees that the company is held in such high regard in the remediation industry. You will not find a more competent, dedicated, and effective group of professionals that work seamlessly as an integrated team.

Environmental Geologists

The Environmental Geologist working for TERRA-COM is a multi-faceted scientist effective in the practical application of physical geology, stratigraphy, hydrology and chemistry. Entry level geologists spend a large portion of their time in the field engaged in project tasks. This intensive training period is spent doing field tasks that young geologists master on their way to becoming a successful project manager. Advancement of soil borings, installation and logging of monitor wells, and soil and groundwater sampling activities become second nature. TERRA-COM geologists are multi-disciplined, self-motivated, and capable of mentoring and training junior employees. Typical project work will include budget and scope of work preparation, comprehensive site investigations, complicated data interpretation, client interaction, negotiations with regulatory agencies, and development of successful remediation strategies in conjunction with our engineers. Every entry-level geologist receives their 40-Hour HAZWOPER (OSHA) certification early in their career.

Environmental Engineers

TERRA-COM's Environmental Engineers work on projects beginning at the design phase through construction and operation and ultimately, site closure. As a result, they have multiple responsibilities and work closely with the geology team members as field engineers, project managers and design engineers. The TERRA-COM engineering work environment requires technical writing skills, understanding of air and liquid flow characteristics, ability to specify proper equipment (compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, control boards, etc.), develop cost analyses, and prepare construction drawings. In addition to these skills, TERRA-COM engineers work in the field closely with TERRA-COM's field operations staff of technicians and heavy equipment operators in all aspects of construction and design implementation projects. As the project progresses towards completion, TERRA-COM engineers regularly visit sites and troubleshoot any mechanical or electrical problems that arise to ensure efficient operation of all remediation systems. Every entry-level engineer receives their 40-Hour HAZWOPER (OSHA) certification early in their career.

Field Operations

TERRA-COM's field operations staffs of technicians and heavy equipment operators are fully trained in all aspects of soil and groundwater sampling and testing, site investigation methods, construction methods including remediation system construction and earthwork, system operation and maintenance, heavy equipment operation, UST closure assessment procedures and emergency response. They work side by side with the geologists during all phases of site assessment and with the engineers during construction, operation and maintenance and source removal operations. As integral members of TERRA-COM's multidisciplinary team, field operations personnel help ensure that the concepts and ideas the geologists and engineers theoretically conceive in the office are successfully applied in the field.

Office & Support Staff

The contribution of TERRA-COM's office and support staff is an essential part of the company's success. The high quality of these support activities helps assure a consistent work product and allows our engineers, geologists, and field operations staff to provide sustained customer service and cost effective solutions for our clients. Our support staff provides services in the following areas:
    • Accounting
    • Purchasing
    • Human Resources
    • Document Production
    • Database Management
    • Computer Hardware/Software Support
    • Computer Network Maintenance
    • Information Technologies
    • Drafting & Technical Drawing
    • Printing & Graphic Arts
    • Topographic Mapping
    • Voice & Data Communications
    • Safety & Training
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Logistics
    • General Administrative Support
The key to TERRA-COM's success is found in the commitment and dedication of its employees. It is amazing what a group of skilled and energetic people can accomplish when they contribute their individual talents and creativity in a multi-disciplined approach to solving environmental problems. TERRA-COM's employees are proud of their proven record of success.