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Source Removal

The hard lesson learned over the past 20 years is that the geological characteristics of a site often limit the effectiveness of existing remedial technologies. This is most commonly due to the presence of clays and organics in the subsurface that adsorb petroleum contaminants. The FDEP and the environmental consulting industry have learned by sad experience that many sites exist where remedial systems, using a variety of technologies, have been employed for years without success; ultimately requiring source removal by excavation to successfully achieve cleanup target levels.

TERRA-COM is often criticized by FDEP for its aggressive pursuit of source removal as a remedial alternative for sites. TERRA-COM depends on the experience and judgment of its professional staff in developing a realistic understanding of the geological and engineering constraints needed to develop an effective remedial strategy for a site. Source removal often is the most sure way to achieve cleanup target levels and TERRA-COM's record of success confirms the accuracy of our professional judgment.